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Y Seal Ring

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Name: Rubber Seal Ring

Origin: Hebei, China

Material: ethylene propylene rubber

Scope of application: machinery, doors and windows, cabinets

Standard parts: Yes

Property: Corrosion resistance

Usage: water seal, sound insulation seal, fire and smoke prevention seal, anti-collision bar, oil seal, fixed seal, dust-proof seal, rotary seal.

Classification of Y-rings:

According to the different ratio of height to width of its cross section, it can be divided into wide type, narrow type and Yx type.

According to the height of the two lips is equal, it can be divided into Y-ring of equal height lip and Y-ring of equal height lip and Y-ring of hole.

Application scope of Y-type sealing ring:

It is widely used in reciprocating dynamic sealing device, and its service life is longer than O-ring. The suitable working pressure of Y-ring is not more than 40 MPa, and the working temperature is -30-80 C.

Working speed range: 0.01-0.6m/s for NBR, 0.05-0.3m/s for fluorine rubber and 0.01-lm/s for polyurethane rubber. The material of polyurethane rubber is the best material for sealing performance, service life and working pressure limit of Y-type sealing rings with different retaining rings.

Characteristic of Y-ring

1) Reliable sealing performance;

2) Small friction resistance and smooth motion;

3) It has good pressure resistance and wide pressure range.

4) The structure is simple and the price is low.

5) Easy installation

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